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Beach Cities Cycling Club, South Bay

          Getting Ready To Ride with the Club          

New! Please check out our training video on rider responsibilities during group rides

  1. Know your Ride Level !
  2. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to ride start time, so you are ready to ride on time.
  3. If you are a Guest, you should sign up ahead of time on the website ( ) as a guest. Crucially, this involves acknowledging that you have read and accept the Waiver of Liability. 
  4. Carry proper identification and personal emergency contact phone numbers.
  5. We have two rules for riding with us, no exceptions:
    a. You must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet at all times while cycling. No matter how hot it gets, keep that helmet on your head. 
    b. Do not use aerobars while on a group ride. You do not have to take them off, we are simply expecting that you respect the safety of the group and abstain from using them when you are within audible distance of a fellow rider. 
  6. Here are some basic equipment recommendations.

Coming soon: Training and Incident videos

          Guidelines for Safe Cycling          

Don't wear ear buds or headphones; they interfere with your ability to hear warnings from other riders and traffic noise that can alert you to danger.
Obey all laws and all relevant aspects of the California Motor Vehicle Code.
Follow the basic rules for safe cycling:
    Ride as far to the right as practicable.
    Scan ahead and anticipate movements by other road users.
    Stop at all red signals.
    Call out sudden stops ("Stopping! Stopping! Stopping") or sudden slowing ("Slowing!")

    Warn one another about road hazards and traffic.
    Don't overlap wheels.
Practice safe pace line and group riding etiquette habits.
Please make sure you have breakfast and remember to bring snacks with you. Here is some great nutrition information.
You will also need plenty of water. Learn more about hydration.
How much you ride each week is up to you. If you plan on training for a specific cycling event, here is some great training information.

"Beach Cities Cycling Club, South Bay" is a 501(c)7 non-profit mutual benefit organization.

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