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Beach Cities Cycling Club, South Bay

The Club's unofficial motto is "Fun, Fitness, and Friendship". We create fun group ride experiences, within a noncompetitive cycling club with a no-drop policy. We strive to create safe rides and will offer rider safety training. After rides, members often gather for a social post-ride meal or coffee, and conversation. We will also organize occasional social events - opportunities to get to know each other off the road (more often in our civilian clothes) - as well as an annual Holiday Party.

Our rides are classified by Fitness Level, i.e., L4 through L1; L4 is the easiest (short and flat), L1 is the most demanding (long and hilly). If you don't know which level you are, we provide a guide on this site and suggest you start at the easier levels. Once you confirm you can consistently handle that level, you can consider challenging yourself at the next level. 

We have ~500 routes in our route library. Our Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday ride routes vary week to week. Three rides - Thursday morning and evening, and Sunday, we ride the same route. 

One of the things that makes the Club unique is its Ride Leader program.  The Ride Leaders meet on a regular basis to plan interesting and safe routes, as well as discuss lessons learned from incidents.  Ride Leaders are trained in safe cycling techniques and what to do in case of an accident. Ride Leaders are given basic group ride training, then are joined by veteran Ride Leaders on their initial group ride lead outing - i.e., in the real world on the open road.

Note also that the Club carries secondary medical insurance to cover out of pocket expenses.

As of January 2024, ~30% of our membership is female.

"Beach Cities Cycling Club, South Bay" is a 501(c)7 non-profit mutual benefit organization.

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