May 29, 2023


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Hold The Date

Official Club Membership Photo

Sunday, June 11, 2023  11:30 AM

We will be taking the “Official Club Membership Photo" at the Point Vicente Interpretative Center (AKA Whale Watch).  Please plan to arrive no later than 11:30 AM wearing your favorite club jersey (old or new). You can choose to ride your bike there or come by car.

Please send any questions or comments to

Here is the photo we took back in 2019.

Public Service Announcement from Bob Kellogg (Thanks Bob!)

As you may know, they are making plans to resurface the Vincent Thomas Bridge (VTB).  Although the bridge itself is too narrow to add a bike/pedestrian lane, one could imagine hanging one on the side like the Bixby path we rode on Tuesday.  They are currently accepting public comments on the resurfacing project.  They are mainly looking for feedback on the lane closure schedule, but I submitted a comment saying they should look at adding a bike and pedestrian lane.  You might consider submitting your own comment.  It may not happen in our lifetime, but at least there will be some record of "the public" asking for it.

Click here for more information and how to comment

Ever Ask Yourself How You Can Support Your Club?

Consider becoming a volunteer
Ride Leader

All BCCCSB rides are led by a volunteer Ride Leader and you too can join those honored ranks! To spread the load we only ask for a commitment to lead 3 rides a year. The club has a great Ride Leader Training Video HERE

If you think you might be interested in helping lead rides,
check out the training video and contact either of our
Ride Leader Directors: Mario Obejas or Matt Peck

BCCCSB Welcomes New Member

Susan Reichel

Featured Business Member

Triathlon Lab, located at 1512 Aviation Blvd, Redondo Beach, offers everything for the Cyclist or Triathlete.

Open Monday-Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM


The Week in Photos

May 22–28 Rides 

L2 - Mount Baldy Village

Led by Mike Bechtol

At Pioneer Park before the ride

At the East Fork bridge

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time

Looking back at Glendora Mountain Road, after climbing it

Click for Dale's Video

L3 - Long Beach Long

Led by Greg Hess

Friday Bun Ride

Led by Sim Ezzes

Tuesday Explorers Ride

Onto the Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle Pedestrian Path on the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge

Here is a link with more information (the link may be intermittent):

Led by Mario Obejas

Click for Dale's Video

Sunday Whale Watch Ride - Group 1

Led by Luke Lohnes

Sunday Whale Watch Ride - Group 2

Led by Krissy Lim

Didn't see the photo you wanted?

If you are wondering why there is no photo of a club ride that you did, it's because no one sent one in!

Photos should be sent: Also, please let us know the date and the ride the photo was from. If there was something special that should be in the caption, please include it in your email.

Please be aware that we typically don't check this email account until preparing the next newsletter, usually Sunday evening.

Upcoming Rides and Events

Tuesday Explorers Ride

Routes vary from week to week, usually 40 to 50 miles.

This Tuesday's ride Tito Mansion, Will Rogers and Rustic Creek

NOTE: There is a 21% chance of rain forecast for Tuesday morning - check your email for ride or cancelled notice

xx miles xxx feet of climbing

Led by Mario Obejas

Ride start: 9 AM at Cap't Kidd's

Wednesday Hilly Ride

Pace will be L2/L3, this route features a lot of climbs.
Some are mild and a few are challenging. The biggest elevation gain is about 300 feet, so nothing epic; a good mid-week workout, for a for a ride that is just a little under 2 

Wednesday Hilly Ride – 25 miles, 1844 feet

Ride start:  4 PM at Captain Kidd's
Ride Leader: Larry Beale

Thursday Social Ride

The 25 mile Thursday social ride route heads north along the beach and along Ballona Creek to Centinela, then we return for a loop on Westchester. There are 5 regroup points to accommodate both fast sprinters and slower paced riders (L2-L4). Post ride coffee at ~11 AM is de rigueur.

Ride start:  9 AM at Manhattan Beach Pier
Ride Leader: Mario/Gary/Sim/Matt

Thursday Niteriderz

L1/L2 pace, Lights front and rear required. 

Ride start: Malaga Cove Plaza at 5:30 PM. Route
Ride Leader : Tim O'Crowley

Friday Java Ride

Variable route, L4 Pace. This week:

Groundworks-Venice – 29 miles, 620 ft

Ride start:  9 AM at Capt'n Kidd's
Ride Leader: Sim Ezzes

Saturday Club Rides

(Level: distance, climb, route, Ride Leader)

L1:  65 mi, 3,020 ft, Mulholland Mosey - Mike Bechtol

L2:  65 mi, 3,020 ft, Mulholland Mosey – Carol Fern

L3:  39 mi, 826 ft, Expo Line Loop – Trish Botsco

L4:  20 mi, 954 ft, Torrance Airport/PV Loop – TBD

All rides start at Captain Kidd's at 8am.

Sunday Funday Ride (same ride, all levels)

31 miles, 638 ft Jackson Market

Ride start:  9 AM at  Capt'n Kidd's

Please note: That the first Sunday of each month, the ride changes to Jackson Market in Culver City. The next version of this ride is this Sunday, June 4th.

Ride Prep

Always carry a spare tube of correct size and valve length for your wheels, tire levers and pump or CO2 with inflator

Helmets are required on all Club Rides.

Aero (TT) bars should not be used while near other club riders.

Front and rear lights are recommended.

Unsure of your ride level? Here's a handy guide what to expect at each level. The speed is average for flat road and no wind.

Business Member Corner

Hermosa Cyclery

Cafe Bonapart

Triathlon Lab

Your club team

Board Members


Gary Parsons

Vice President:

Mario Obejas


Randall Smock


John Hadley


Kris Lim

BCCCSB Official Bike Mechanic:

Robert Pacifici


Ride Leader Coordinators:

Matthew Peck

Mario Obejas

Insurance Coordinator:

Gary Parsons

Newsletter Editors:

Larry Beale and Dale Mooney

Social/Member coordinator


The Lanterne Rouge –

This week's submission comes from Matt Peck

If you come across anything you feel other club members would enjoy, please submit it to Dale and Larry at We will try to fit in all appropriate material.

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